Be a mighty dragon and venture out into the world of Darkonia
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 Dragon Types

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PostSubject: Dragon Types   Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:46 pm

There are 6 kinds of dragons in Darkonia. All of them have colors.

Red Dragons
Red dragons are hotheaded but hardy dragons. They love to be in the heat and fighting. Red Dragons can breathe a blast of scorching flame, hot to almost melt metal, and can stand any heat.

Blue Dragons
Blue Dragons are much cooler and lax than Red Dragons, as they can swim well. While they are considered lazy, they are still fun-loving dragons. Blue Dragons can also breathe out a stream of high-pressured water.

Green Dragons
Green dragons are the most friendly and kind. Yet they are very helpful, as they are great fighters. But they can sometimes be too laid back. They can blend in with the forest, despite their large size, and breathe a spray of venom.

White Dragons
White dragons are similar to Green dragons. They are very loyal and trusting, and proud for themselves. But they might be a bit over prideful of themselves. They are small and quick, being the best flyers. White Dragons can breathe a gust of strong air.

Black Dragons
Black Dragons are very cold and sly. They might no be the best dragons to rider, but they are worth it. They can fly silently though the night and breathe a deep black smoke that can make you feel dizzy for a little bit of time.

Bronze Dragons
Bronze Dragons are very rare*, and they usually are not purebred. Bronze Dragons are half Bronze Dragon, and half Red/Blue/Green/White/Black Dragon**, so they then to be a bit more stronger in an area. Their metallic scales shimmer in sunlight, and they are the most respected dragons.

*Bronze Dragons are only for Admins and Mods, and they can only have ONE
**They can't be a Bronze Dragon and a Red Dragon AND a Black Dragon hybrid, you can only choose one. Like a Bronze Dragon and a Black Dragon hybrid.

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Dragon Types
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